1. Business Interest Checking Deposit_Infographic

Ask yourself, is it more profitable to offer a premium rate on a CD or on a high balance, medium transaction account for a company that could drive credit and non-interest income for your bank? (I know what I’d do …)


2. Private Banking Checking Account

A high balance account for the qualifying high net worth customer, where in exchange for large deposits a customer often receives premium interest rates, an unsecured line of credit, and a concierge level of service. (Cue the relationship-building and cross-selling tactics.)


3. High Balance Savings Account

As an alternative to the fixed-rate, fixed-term CD, consider a savings account with a high rate that commands a large balance, but can adjust based on balance tiers and the rate environment. (Flexible and safe. You might even consider a $10,000 or $15,000 minimum deposit.)


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