Mills_Bio_Sarah Bacehowski
Sarah Bacehowski

For most of her life, Sarah was convinced her mom (our very own Becki Drahota) worked at a bank, but it turns out she was busy blazing a path Sarah never thought she’d end up following. But here she is, and we couldn’t be happier. (Thanks, Mom!) Sarah loves a challenge, and she has the priceless ability to transform tough situations into productive opportunities — as President, she consistently finds solutions where there appear to be none. Her results-focused ways make us (and our clients) very grateful she’s chosen this path.

Sunday afternoons are for: Fretting about everything I have to do Monday morning. Sad, but true.

Could never give up: STRONG coffee or Pinot Noir.

Can’t stop talking about: How much I WANT to exercise.

Makes me laugh: My kids. My husband. My mom. My co-workers. Myself?