You can link to a vCard file for download as this QR Code does or you can embed the vCard data into the QR Code.
Phone Number
You can embed a phone number into the QR Code. When scanned, the phone number loads into your contacts.
Email Address
Embedding an email address into the QR Code will have the phone load a new email and enter the email address into the to: field.
Email Message
This QR Code will draft a new email and pre-populate the to:, subject:, and body of an email.
An event QR Code will load the event information into the phone’s calendar app.
Google Maps
Just as you probably guessed, this QR Code will load a location into Google Maps.

QR Codes are simply just text. As you can see, the more information that is embedded directly affects the complexity of the QR Code. How the phone behaves when a code is scanned is dependent upon the app that is being used to scan the code.

Now, think of all the possibilities these different uses can help marketing. You can use Event QR Codes for local events that you sponsor, use Google Maps QR Codes on the locations page of your brochures, Email Message QR Codes in print advertising, vCard QR Codes on business cards – just to name a few. The possibilities are endless!

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