Part of today’s financial environment is the likelihood that we’ll see something of a record in merger/acquisition activity this year. After listening to regulators at several conferences, I agree. One of Sarah’s friends, Eric Lohmeier, from NCP, Inc., a Des Moines-based investment banking boutique that specializes in mergers and acquisitions, is forecasting more than 200 bank deals across the nation this year.

Although the odds of your FI being directly involved in such a major event are slim, they increase significantly when you consider the indirect potential to be affected. In other words, there’s a decent chance that a financial institution in your footprint is likely to merge or be acquired this year.

My point is … since we know that, I would recommend that you create an M&A strategy that can be executed quickly should the opportunity arise. If your brand is healthy and well-positioned, this will be a fairly easy proposition, but it can still be done even if your brand equity needs some work.

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