Course Overview


Day One: The Making of a Great Leader

  • Leaders vs. Leadership
  • Leadership for Growth takeaways
  • Relevance and Synergy
  • Self Assessment

Day One (2): Executive Team Challenge (customized to the strategic objectives of each financial institution):

  • Lecture
  • Implications (best practice optimization, lessons learned and new strategies)
  • Report


Day Two: Managing and Leading Change

  • Two kinds of organizational change
  • Reactive vs. Proactive
  • Creative Destruction
  • Change Assumptions
  • Ambidextrous Organizations
  • Stormin’, Formin’, Normin’
  • Wrapping It Up

Day Two (2): Self Awareness, Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

  • Building the Pyramid
  • 5 Decision Pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
  • Delegation
  • I-messages
  • Separating Needs from Solutions
  • 6 Motivational Keys


Day Three: Project Leadership and Coaching

  • Hygiene factors
  • Motivational factors
  • Creating effective environments
  • Surgeon’s 4 Rules
  • Biases and Psychological traps


Day Four

  • Morning: Brand and Culture Leadership
  • Noon: Executive Challenge Presentations, Assessment/Conclusions


À la carte

  • Rules of the Road for Today’s Professional


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