We aren’t just a vendor, we’re a partner. For the 40 years we’ve been honing our skills in the financial marketing world, we’ve partnered closely with marketing directors — training them, helping optimize their teams to better leverage talent, and developing top-down, ROI-focused marketing strategies. At Mills, we see the value in setting measurable goals, and use data to support every initiative — from branding to digital marketing. We‘re very hands on, learning and teaching as we work. And our clients love us for it.

Creative With
a Purpose

Branding & Logo Development

Where looks (and voice) matter. Our proven three-phase process is research-based, so the end result is both strategic and quantifiable.

  • Brand name, brand expression, proof points and culture development
  • Logo design and development of communication materials
  • Brand and logo rollout strategies


We’ll help you leverage your branch assets.

  • Merchandising audits
  • Complete merchandising plans
  • Onsite planning and development

TV & Video

Together, let’s tell your story. From concept creation and storyboarding to editing final footage, we offer production that’s high quality, affordable and fast.

  • Broadcast
  • Training, tutorial and culture videos
  • Design and production management
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Smart Strategy that Powers Big Results


We believe in the power of research. Our focus on data really sets us apart, and it can do the same for you.

  • Market, customer and employee surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Marketing reviews
  • Branch potential and new site feasibility studies
  • Corporate culture assessments

Strategic Marketing Plans

Using a top-down strategy, we’ll build you a plan that achieves your FI’s strategic goals, and supports every line of business.

  • Marketing strategic plans (including social media)
  • Research (primary and secondary)
  • Planning workshops

Product Development

This industry is ever-changing. How long has it been since you’ve reviewed your product menu, or developed a niche product? We can help.

  • Product reviews
  • Competitive analysis
  • Research-based product recommendations
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Public Relations

Get the guidance you need to successfully leverage an event or promotion, or manage a crisis. We’ll even review your PR efforts to ensure the appropriate ROI.

  • Press releases
  • Crisis plans
  • Donation and contribution management
  • Giving mission creation
  • Data breach initiatives and messaging


Most marketing initiatives fail without the support of a well-trained staff. Our expert trainers provide engaging training on a wide range of topics, with content customized to meet your needs.

  • Brand and culture training
  • Sales and customer service skills
  • Professionalism and executive leadership development
  • Ongoing programs or “one and done” options
  • Customized or off-the-shelf training programs
  • Onsite or Webex
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We have a full-time Compliance Officer on staff, and keeping our clients on the right side of the regulatory mandates is always top of mind.

  • Proactive project review
  • Compliance reviews and recommendations
  • Fast, thorough responses

Mergers & Acquisitions

From your first announcement press release to your product mapping program, we offer effective strategies and proven results to help ensure a smooth transition for your new customers.

  • Strategy development and account mapping
  • Transitional development and employee training
  • Regulatory communications
  • New market rollout plans

Engaging Interactive

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Stay ahead of the curve. Let us show you how to integrate and leverage the power of social media and digital advertising into your overall marketing strategy.

  • Social media reviews and plans
  • Custom Facebook tabs
  • Campaign creative: concept to execution
  • Channel management and content creation
  • Digital ad creation and plans
  • Email and text marketing
  • Customer eblast education

Web Services

First impressions matter. We’ll help you design a site that’s useful, friendly and truly represents your financial institution.

  • Comprehensive web design and development
  • Website reviews
  • SEO analysis and ongoing management
  • Online videos
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