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Our Task

To create a brand that would not only reflect who the bank is today, but who they want to become. The brand needed to be relevant to, and embraced by, employees, customers and community members.

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The Solution

“Smart. Easy. Notably Better.” was created to reflect the bank’s strategic vision, values, and goal of remaining a strong community bank — yet also position it for future growth. Keeping the bank relevant was at the core of the plan, a large part of which was creating Brand promises, developed to be the core values employees would live by, and a part of what would set SENB apart from their competitors.

We tied it all together with an employee brand rollout event and ongoing internal training programs. These were intended to solidify and reinforce the goal of making sure every customer sees, feels and believes that SENB is smarter, easier and notably better than any other bank.


Branding and Logo Development, Training